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About Us

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Hi, I'm Pamela and welcome to my amazing pink world.

"My work is my passion. It is shared every day in my workshop in order to make my customers' dreams come true…”

My Story

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A bit more about my story, and how Pamela Cake Planner came to be.
I was born in Italy but have been living in Toronto for a few years! I have a Master's Degree in Chemical Engineering.
I approach my pastry and cake work through a strong knowledge of raw ingredients and design techniques. In 2014, me and my husband Raffaele opened our first American-style pastry shop in Padova, Italy. We created over 2,400 customized cakes including a podium, Award-winning wedding cake in 2016 for the Italian Wedding Awards

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From Engineer to Pastry Chef
​Looking back, I never remember a moment in my life when I didn't want to make a dessert! Eggs, sugar, and flour have always been the essential ingredients of my days. When I was 4 years old my parents gave me the "Sweet Oven Harbert" (the most coveted toy of all future little pastry chefs of the 80's). From that moment, I began to experiment with many recipes and to tell the truth I have never stopped!
In 2009, during a trip to Canada, I discovered a sugar paste  "world" and it was magic. ​When I returned to  Italy, I continued my Chemical Engineering studies at university but a love for the cake world had struck me! I began to watch The Cake Boss tv series in amazement and read many books on artistic pastry creation. I started experimenting with new techniques and attending courses. The very first one I did was on sugar paste roses, I still remember it with pleasure. ​My son was born shortly after I completed my Master's Degree and I had to make a choice - a professional engineering career or cakes! Well, what did I choose? My biggest passion of course! So, my little bakery, Pamela Cake Planner was born and my dream finally came true!.
I remember years full of satisfaction and participation in numerous competitions, but one thing that will always remain in my heart is the genuine relationship with my customers!

In 2018, with the start of a new life in Canada, and a desire to deepen what I had already built in Italy, I aimed to reach for the stars and create something more!

Thank you for supporting me and helping me realize that dreams do come true. I hope you enjoy my creations as much as I enjoy making them for you!

What's new?
Now I'm opening the door to new ideas. In addition to creating amazing cakes for each event, I'm the PinkAlmonds co-owner and collaborate as a brand ambassador with some of the most important companies. I call myself ''enthusiastic sprinkles''!.

Also, I can make videos for brands that are looking to promote their product on social media.

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